The ever lasting charm of the decorative stone

Materic raw coating based on selected resins and fillers in water solution, ideal for the creation of effects such as stone, concrete or to get a more rustic effect, Pietrantica is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.
Pietrantica can be applied on any kind of surface inside and outside, and is characterized by a high breathability and water resistance. For travertine effect use Velatura Prestige (siloxanic glaze for exterior / interior), for fashionable interior finishes use Velatura (acrylic glaze for interior).


The structure of the color

A water based thick dense coating with fine particles, ideal for producing travertine polished stone effects. Pietrafine is a versatile and easy to apply suitable to create wonderful natural and fantasy effects. Pietrafine can be applied to any type of internal and external surface, it is washable, has good adhesion and is characterized by its breathable aspects, strength and ease of application.
Pietrafine, can be colored with our universal colorants Totocolor and Softcolor, it becomes a magnificent distinct thick, matt finish in only a single coat.


The brilliance of color

nnovative dense thick coating giving a rough appearance. Using selected pearlescent-based fillers and metallic pigments.
Pietralucente: within a few a steps allows you to give a new and surprising look, creating a bright effect to surfaces to be decorated. Pietralucente allows you to quickly create stunning effects.
Pietralucente, colored in 2or more color tones can be worked wet on wet to create stunning effects such as corroded metal.


Water-based smooth and creamy

Texture is easy to apply and of excellent workability. Texture is suitable for interior applications. Its creamy and soft texture makes it suitable for simple and imaginative decorations of both domestic and public premises.
Texture, used as it is, and applied with various decorating tools, allows the applicator to create a wide range of special effects for sophisticated interior settings.